Much Woolton Old School Nursery
Much Woolton Old School Nursery

Much Woolton Old School Liverpool Dated 1610.

'Much Woolton Old School nursery' on School Lane, is constructed of locally quarried red sandstone. It is also the oldest Elementary School in Lancashire and the Oldest Elementary school in Merseyside. Two items that should be noted: Woolton is now in Merseyside and not Lancashire. The Much Woolton reference is not really used locally, the area is just called Woolton.

If you can’t make it out on the outside of the building, it says: “Much Woolton Old School". The Oldest Elementary School Building in Lancashire” with the date of 1610 also inscribed in the stonework. It is believed that the actual building may pre-date back to 1610 as there is a reference to a bequest made in 1606 to provide a schoolmaster at Woolton. However this and other tangential refs don’t identify this particular building just the area. Records from 1608 suggest an estimated population of 130 (29 households) so I’m not sure how many pupils there might have been when it was up and running.

1610 - Much Woolton Old School was founded. It may have an even longer history.

Probably the oldest building in the area. The date 1610 is displayed but it is thought to be earlier. It stopped being used as a school in the 19th century. After being converted into a house in the 1980s it has been back in use for educational purposes since round about 1990 as a nursery school.

Mrs Dorothy Rood, the present owner (2004) continually adds to and updates all aspects of the nursery to the benefit of all the children in her care.

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